eBay Canada

  • Amping up a user base

    eBay Deals replaced The Big Deal program in June 2013 with a new look, featuring top inventory at discounted prices. Less than a year after launching eBay Deals in Canada, the ecommerce corporation was looking to increase their Deals’ shopper base with multiple Sweepstakes promotions leading up to the program’s 1st birthday.

  • A more thrilling form

    With an evolving brand and a request for responsive design, we grabbed at the opportunity to exercise our core belief of combining beauty and functionality to create an intriguing solution for a fairly standard procedure. The campaigns we hosted would engage a diverse span of Canadian users on a wide range of platforms, maintaining cross-browser compatibility and air-tight security.

  • Over 8, entrants

    The Birthday Sweepstakes put the emphasis on personality to create a campaign that was inviting, to develop a loyal customer base and community that evokes the lifestyle that eBay boasts. It’s the bold style and dynamic interactions that launched eBay’s users into a modern experience that saw over 80,000 entrants.

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    Astral Media

  • making Lego personal

    The LEGO Friends product line was designed to enchant the particular eye of imaginative young girls. More realistic than their rigid minifigure cousins, mini-dolls carry out their daily activities in the fantastical land of Heartlake City. Astral Media wanted to bring this world to life online to promote its concrete counterpart.

  • a virtual doll city

    We responded by doing what VM does best – playing. We ordered the pieces and built each LEGO set to photograph for an online playground. We then developed a Flash activity for these young LEGO architects to build their own Heartlake Neighbourhood. Designed with original and unique UI features, drag and drop functionality allowed users to build on illustrated maps with real LEGO pieces.

  • 165K plays

    To hear a little girl on the bragging to her father about making her own Heartlake City online, well – that’s when you know you’ve really made it. As a teaser promotion for the boxed sets, the activity topped 165K plays during its 1 month appearance on In that month the game was the most popular on Family.

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  • Pay attention to me!

    The goal was to run ads that users couldn't help but notice. In some cases, the ads needed to include a way for their user to interact with them in more ways than just clicking. Rich media ads can expand, float, peel down, play video, etc. And you can access aggregated metrics on your audience's behavior, including number of expansions, multiple exits, and video completions.

  • what do they need?

    For each campaign, we start by gaining an understanding of the advertiser's brand, their communication needs, and their target market. Then let the brainstorming begin! With a killer concept in hand, we execute it, host it, and track it.

  • 13% click through

    On top of providing creative that is always beyond our clients expectation. We often blow the roof off the stats, with 2%, 4%, and occasionally reaching over 13% click rates where industry average is about 0.10%.

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    eBay Canada

  • an open relationship

    eBay Canada needed an agency to handle their day-to-day content creation. A team to design and develop the advertisements, subscription emails, and lookbooks that would inspire 1.5 million buyers and sellers to shop and vend in Canada. The goal: more closely align the smaller Canadian department with its US counterpart, but equally become a memorable marketplace in its own right.

  • do. it. all.

    About a decade ago, VM set out to become that go-to agency. Establishing a relationship with the eBay team, we fully immersed ourselves into the brand’s core identity, but aimed to continuously lto inject our own creative flavour to maintain an excitable style. we effectively produce over 20 projects a month in multilingual environments.

  • harmonious monogamy

    Working with eBay Canada over the years, we’ve been a close witness and ally to some significant brand changes and as they’ve come to offer a more personalized, approachable shopping experience. They’ve built partnerships with top retailers to provide customers with reliable merchants.

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    Mobile App

    eBay Innovation & New Ventures

  • a market with a standard

    eBay envisioned a commerce app that would fair well amongst those leading the lifestyle that is “French”. As a society of high fashion and exquisite taste, the project title itself – France Lifestyle – could be regarded as a pleonasm, because France = Lifestyle. The app UI would have to exceed eBay’s current model for design, to indulge eBay users with their most catered shopping experience.

  • aspire to be

    Regarding these high standards, the team needed to create something unique to entice a market with incomparable taste. The design would demanded prestige and elegance, featuring the best categories with preferred products in a sleek, photo-rich, authentic environment. We designed unique icons, exclusive to the Lifestyle app, to provoke a society with a developed sense of style.

  • an admirable endeavour

    Despite UI being on the verge of completion, the venture was never able to see its full glory. Possibly more ambitious than originally speculated, the department recognized our valiant effort which gave way to a continued partnership, with other large scale, innovative projects. The process that we developed during this project is one we’re able to apply to current and future projects.

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    Public Library

    Brantford Public Library

  • a library more than its mortar

    A few years ago, Brantford Public Library – a library dedicated to their services and the technology that exhibits them – made a worthy decision to redesign and develop their website. With a diverse audience, they wanted the different categories to be unambiguous and a calendar tool to manage the multitude of events they host.

  • to use and to service

    For an organization provigind such a vast amount of information and resources, usability had to be our main focus. To accomplish this, we worked with BPL to design an overall style, and created a digital presence of their history archive. By developing a customized CMS we gave BPL administrative access to their content and a calendar that feeds events throughout the site.

  • awarded in 212

    Evolving the library into a complex online resource was recognized by the Ontario Library Association, and in 2012 Brantford Public Library was awarded for its Local History Digital Archives Database.

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    Bank of Montreal

  • be in control

    The Bank of Montreal approached Visible Media to design and develop a microsite to inform their clients about steps for smart investing. Their goal was to create an easy process for clients to become more familiar with their financial situation, provide tools to help them calculate the best options for their investments, and offer resources about investments and financial planning.

  • built for brand

    Brand consistency was important for the client and for us, and it was a must that the typeface BMO used on the site was the same as in their print material. Before much beyond the top 10 “web-safe” fonts were available across all browsers, we implemented the brand typeface, as a web font, using the Cufon javascript library.

  • keeping it simple

    The final outcome was an educational hub that seamlessly integrated informational pieces with self-management investment tools. The microsite was a major asset to BMO’s most successful campaign of directing clients on the path to reaching their financial goals. By developing an application that’s usable and informative, people can feel more in control of their personal finances.

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  • find what where, where?

    eBay Classifieds realized that the core purpose of their site was struggling with some usability issues. The search bar, the essential function, appeared to be more of an afterthought and less of the organic element the company wanted it to be. eBC wished to integrate location change functionality into the search bar and to allow drilling down a location to predefined sub-areas.

  • the user’s explicit goal

    The VM team’s aim was to simplify the interface and to bring the search bar to the forefront of eBay Classifieds. We wanted to make a standard search tool into an amusing utility. A custom illustration was created on the homepage to add an experiential dimension and to playfully incorporate with new search field with its improved refinement abilities.

  • upping the ante

    The success of our first initiative resulted in a request for an entire site redesign to restructure the content and update the general functionality of the site. The result of the redesign has made eBay Classifieds competitive in its industry with a highly usable interface, easy navigation, comprehensive content filtering, and a sound visual experience.

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    Astral Media

  • the make play approach

    One of the thrills of working with Astral Media, is that it doesn’t really feel like work at all. Astral had received the green light from Mattel to promote, in our opinion, the coolest Hot Wheels car ever made. They dropped by our office to deliver, brand new, the RC Terrain Twister – an amphibious, remote control toy (more similar to an army-grade tank) – and asked us to create a digital promotion to be housed on Disney XD.

  • vroom vroom

    After a bit of product testing, we devised a Flash game that drew on the Terrain Twister’s multi-terrain agility. The top down game lets users race across snow, desert, water, and forest on custom maps, with originally designed and developed UI. Terrain Twister uses the Box2D physics engine to add a touch of realism to the game like skidding around corners and bouncing off obstacle tires.

  • 1,interactions daily

    The game grabbed the #7 spot of the most popular games on during its 54-day feature on the site in 2012. Terrain Twister gained over 1,000 unique user interactions daily with an average time of 2.71 minutes spent on the game. Which works out to be almost 8% of the time 8-year-old boys spend on computer games daily.

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  • success and diversity

    Orion is renowned as the highest-speed Internet provider connecting educational & research institutions across Ontario. The Annual report would reflect the company’s success over the years – such as the expanded network, increased speed, and contributing to innovations – as well as the diversity of their users.

  • a complex network

    With those objectives in mind, the idea of connecting different people and places visually as though they represented nodes on a complex network emerged as a design theme. We employ that theme throughout the book in the cover design, and infographics, and many other design elements. This theme also handily reflected the logo itself, which further justified it.

  • 52, prints

    What resulted was a lively, colourful and professionally designed publication that was an integral tool for the company's current and prospective shareholders. The publication was sent out to their 52,000 shareholders, and is posted to the ORION website in electronic format.

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    Designers, Coders, Thinkers

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    Our studio is full of talented, energetic, and experienced people who love a challenge. Fun is at the core of our work ethic. If it wasn't fun, we wouldn't do it.

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